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> Subject: Au Backe! - several rules questions
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> I'm not sure if the first email got through, so I'm resending it, plus
> adding another question.
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> Frank,
> I saw the answers you gave to Richard Pardoe, from a posting to
> nigglybits (yahoo group) a few months ago, but I have one more.
> When a player has to draw two or four cards from one or more players,
> does he have to draw from their hand of 5 cards only, or from their draw
> pile, or even a combination of the two places?
> I know the game is very light, so it seems quite minor, but if one could
> draw from their draw pile, they'd still be left with the five they have
> already seen, instead of "rotating" one or more out of their hand, which
> seems to give even more of an advantage to the player NOT in doo
> trouble!  (Of course, having to wait to replenish until *after* their
> next turn probably counteracts that idea, since they would have one turn
> with fewer than 5 cards, but anyway...)
> The other question is this.  The rules mention that there's a "bonus"
> for the poor chicken-doo drawer in all three cases (drawing a shovel,
> animal or the other doo card), namely that he "may shuffle around an en
> run cards that they have turned over before they turn them back face
> down again."   I'm guessing that the intent here is that the player may
> do whatever he needs to (even picking the cards up from the table and
> shuffling them in his hand or under the table) to mix these cards /such
> that only he knows which card is which/, before putting them face down
> in the chicken run row again.  Is that the "picture" - bottom line being
> that only the player who most recently "stepped in deep doo-doo" knows
> for sure which where the doo card(s) are?
> Again, I thank you for your time - and a great little game.
> Keep 'em comin - no "squawks" here :)
> Nate
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