[Duf-talk] Re: Au Backe! - one more rules question

Frank Nestel info at doris-frank.de
Fri Nov 14 15:06:49 CET 2003

Hi Nate,

of course it would matter and when you consider Au Backe a highly 
tactical game you should play it the way you suggest. But for a fun and 
family game it looks like an overkill to me.


sherinate wrote:
> Thanks, Frank for the answers.
> I thought of one more.  :)
> Depending on how many players there are, there might be extra cards after
> dealing them all out.  The rules simply say to set these extra cards aside,
> but are they first shown to everyone so that you know which ones they ARE,
> or are they kept face down and not known?   I'm not sure that it would
> matter a WHOLE lot, but then again, if there were 2 set aside and they
> happen to both be the same animal...
> who knows...
> Nate
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>>Hi Nate,
>>sorry for being so slow.
>>>I'm not sure if the first email got through, so I'm resending it, plus
>>>adding another question.
>>BTW. I got both mails of yours.

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