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Fri Nov 7 00:57:25 CET 2003

Hi Nate,

sorry for being so slow.

> I'm not sure if the first email got through, so I'm resending it, plus
> adding another question.
> ----------------------------------------

BTW. I got both mails of yours.

> Frank,
> I saw the answers you gave to Richard Pardoe, from a posting to
> nigglybits (yahoo group) a few months ago, but I have one more.

Au Backe contained a few last minute changes which I generally appreciate
for it being a family game, but neither me nor Zoch didn't check the
details. So over all they might not be ruled :-(

> When a player has to draw two or four cards from one or more players,
> does he have to draw from their hand of 5 cards only, or from their draw
> pile, or even a combination of the two places?

Well, it was intended to be from the hand.

> I know the game is very light, so it seems quite minor, but if one could
> draw from their draw pile, they'd still be left with the five they have
> already seen, instead of "rotating" one or more out of their hand, which
> seems to give even more of an advantage to the player NOT in doo
> trouble!  (Of course, having to wait to replenish until *after* their
> next turn probably counteracts that idea, since they would have one turn
> with fewer than 5 cards, but anyway...)

You do replenish after your turn! Is this not clear from the English 
rules? It's looks ok for my German eyes.

> The other question is this.  The rules mention that there's a "bonus"
> for the poor chicken-doo drawer in all three cases (drawing a shovel,
> animal or the other doo card), namely that he "may shuffle around an en
> run cards that they have turned over before they turn them back face
> down again."   I'm guessing that the intent here is that the player may
> do whatever he needs to (even picking the cards up from the table and
> shuffling them in his hand or under the table) to mix these cards /such
> that only he knows which card is which/, before putting them face down
> in the chicken run row again.  Is that the "picture" - bottom line being
> that only the player who most recently "stepped in deep doo-doo" knows
> for sure which where the doo card(s) are?

In this case the English rules seems unprecise. In German it is clear, 
that you shuffle the cards, put them down on the table where you want and
finally turn then over. So everyone knows where the cards are. This 
shuffling still seems to be enough to break the "mental map" of many 
players. At least I'm easily distracted by this.

The rule you suggest adds some minor bluff component, which is a nice 
idea. I will play it this way next time.

BTW the very first rules I proposed to Zoch where somewhat less family. 
We didn't have the "doo" then and the spades of course. You had only 
three hand cards and when you managed to get rid of two you gave your 
third one to a player of your choice. Then your turn obviously ended 
since you had to redraw cards. The giving away of (likely hard unknown) 
cards was then considered to be too family unfriendly and we changed to 
the known scheme.

> Again, I thank you for your time - and a great little game.
> Keep 'em comin - no "squawks" here :)


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