[Duf-info] Questions about Ark

Frank Nestel info at doris-frank.de
Son Dez 4 16:52:49 CET 2005

Hi Christine,

> (1) My mosquito cards have an empty box on them and do not say whether 
> they are carnivores or omnivores.  Are they one or the other?  One of 
> the mosquitos has an exclamation point for special ability and the other 
> does not.  Are they both SUPPOSED TO have an exclamation point?

Mosquitos are technically treated as "nonnivores" in this game, i.e. eat 
nothing. Anyway THERE IS ONLY ONE MOSQUITO in the deck which is supposed 
to have an exclamation mark. I wonder what your "second" Mosquito comes from.

> (2) For the hedgehog and the turtle, the rules say they are not afraid 
> of larger carnivores/omnivores.  But can they also go into a pen with 
> equal-weight or even smaller carnivores/omnivores as well?

Yes, this is somewhat inprecise. Any animal can go into the same cabin 
with smaller carni-/omnivores, but hedgehog and turtle can also go into 
the same cabin with bigger or equal weight carni- and omnivores also. 
They are actually immune against being eaten.

> (3)  Each player gets 17 animals to start with.  What happens if you run 
> out of them during the game?  Are you then NOT allowed to place more 
> animals on the scoring cards, or should the player use some other kind 
> of token for an animal?

17 animal tokens should be enough. Yes, they could be exceeded 
theoretically, but it is very very unlikely.

> Thank you very much for your help.  I have never e-mailed this list 
> before.  Will I get an e-mail back at my address then?

You didn't mail to the list, you mailed the owner of the list :-)


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