[Duf-info] Newsletter No. 004, 2001.11

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Thu Nov 8 22:17:00 2001

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 - Back from Essen and Urland
 - Urland in Wiener Spielemischung (Vienna Games Mix)

 - Urland Gene Contest 

 - Tournament Announcements
 - Mailinglist at spieleck.de 
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News: Back from Essen and Urland

Here, we are, we had a great week in Essen. First good news
were Tuesday when we started building our booth and then 
our order of Urland arrived. Next incredible good day was
Thursday, wenn we realized after a few hours that we didn't
have enough games. Even though another order of games arrived
on Saturday, we ran out of games Saturday 2 pm. Overall we
were very pleased. Monday after the fair we relaxed and had
a nice break at our friends house with more Friends joining,
e.g. Alan Ernstein and his wife.

Some pictures, impressions and links can be found on


Some discussions about Urland, the role of the Dummy (Kiebitz)
the strength of certain genes and the overall balance of the
game seem to start here and there on the net. Some links
can be found under




Currently we are still busy shipping all the orders.


News: Urland in Wiener Spielemischung (Vienna Games Mix)

Urland was included in the top 99 recommended games of the 
last two years by the Jury of the Wiener Spielemischung.


Update: Urland Gene Contest

the first Genes have allready been contributed. 
Some of them are really looking interesting.
We are waiting for more!



Reminder: Tournament Announcements

Two game tournaments of ous will take place in January 2002 as part
of the "Erlanger Spielertage" (Erlangen Gaming Days). Be sure to mark 
the dates on you calendar

    6. Erlanger Muesterschaft (6th Erlangen Mu-Tournament)

        26th January 2002

    2. Erlanger Zoff im Zoo Turnier (2nd Erlangen Zoff im Zoo

        27th January 2002

For updates and results of the previous tournaments look at the pages


Feel free to ask any questions.


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would you help us getting that link updated?

Thank you!

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