[Duf-info] D&F Newsletter No. 002

Frank Nestel dorisnfrank@bigfoot.com
Tue Aug 7 00:39:00 2001

========   Doris & Frank Info Newsletter No. 002, 2000.08

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 - Dear Players

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Dear Players,

well, we have been fairly busy those last month. Doris has done 
lots of great artwork you'll probably see soon, she has also taken
care about our house and our garden. I still work in that IT business
and work probably slightly than I get payed more. Anyway beside that
we fortunately had some time playing and even some time playtesting.
Luckily even some other people found time to playtest for us, and so
we'd like to announce our new game for October 2001 in Essen 


We are now busy getting the production done, actually while typing this
Doris drops in a printout of her design for the 11 genes in the game,
but only bad luck can stop us now. Find some more information at our


an stay tuned on our website and for the next newsletter. I plan to
update at least one more time before October.

Have a good summer,


Doris & Frank Website has been updated

Beside above qouted information many minor updates have been done at
out homepage. New links to external D&F resources. A first link to
GameTableOnline an internet startup who wants to make ursuppe playable
online soon. Cool formatted English rules have been provided by Idris
Hsu. The page with Doris artwork includes now also the Games in the
magazine Spielbox she did. The count is no 80+ games for her!

Just go there and look yourself


Without promising to much stay tuned, next update hopefully will contain
more interesting stuff, e.g. the original (slightly more players) rule
of "Au Backe" before Zoch and I made it a friendly family game.

Well, and yes, our Guestbook is back, it was one of the ancient free
services and at some point of time it disappeared. And I was fairly 
suprised when I got a message those days, that it has been updated.
Obviously someone got theire by a search eninge. It is back but it
still contains all entries from "before the gap".


Doris & Frank Mailinglists still there

Well, actually they are really zero traffic.
Doris & Frank Mailinglists started at spieleck.de

Please feel free to register at


this is a free list for anyone to post and answer.


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